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Safety and Education

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"Phantom risks and real risks compete not only for our resources but also for our attention. It's a shame when a mother worries about toxic chemicals, and yet her kids are riding around without bicycle helmets."
- John Graham, Director, Harvard Center for Risk Analysis


League of American Bicyclists Education Center
Although the League has removed the advocacy components and bicycle-facility critiques of Forester's original version, The League of American Bicyclists offers this version of vehicular-cycling training.

City of Chicago Safety Brochure
Not bad, but you'll want to fix a couple of typo's and questionable statements.

10 Smart Routes to Bicycle Safety

Safety Guide for Group Rides

A Few Safety Facts

The Little League Traffic Safety Program

Seidler Production Bicycle Video Library
A collection of videos on education, safety, and advocacy.

Training Wheels from the League of Illinois Bicyclists

Bicycle Safety Tips
A nice one page illustrated poster.

Delaware Bicycle Guide

Indiana Child Safety and Health
Printed Material

A childs safety tour.

Bicycle Accident Data and Info

Education Development Center's Building Bridges back issues.
A few cycling, mostly helmet, articles, including:
Kaiser Permanente and Helmets
Evel the Weevil (25K jpg)
Creating a bicycle helmet campaign

Bikes-n-Blades Safety Scene
Riding habits surveys and results.

Consumer Product Safety Commission Publications
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