Bicycle advocacy. Cyclists should expect and demand safe accommodation on every public road, just as do all other users. Nothing more is expected. Nothing less is acceptable.

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The CHAINGUARD mail list was formed in July of 1997. The list began as a method by which concerned vehicular-cyclists could discuss the mechanics of establishing a new organization which would work exclusively on education and advocacy of vehicular cycling, and the protection of the rights of cyclists to use every road. Since that time, the list has become a general forum for issues surrounding the advocacy and practice of vehicular cycling.

The Chainguard list is for those who have moved beyond debating vehicular-cycling on our roads as compared to paving America again with separate bicycle/pedestrian facilities. Vehicular Cyclists believe that, combined with education and relatively minor enhancements, the operation of bicycles as vehicles is the only realistic and environmentally sound approach which can result in any significant amount of transportational cycling in North America.

The list is a forum for serious productive discussion and brainstorming of methods to best promote and protect vehicular cycling. The list is not a bulletin board for discussion of cycling experiences unless somehow directly related to ADVOCACY, however, this can include discussion of proper VC technique and principles.

YES/NO for use of the CHAINGUARD mail list.

  • YES: The Chainguard list is for those who believe that bicyclists have the right, should expect, and be prepared to demand, safe accommodation as vehicle operators on EVERY road - the rights and concepts known as Vehicular Cycling.
  • NO: The list is NOT a chatroom or bulletin board. Please do not attempt to use the list in that manner. The list is NOT a forum for casual comments, witty one-liners or banter about cycling experiences. Such postings will be filtered.
    List activity is moderated using the following guidelines, however, exceptions are based on individual note content and overall list activity.

  • Please restrict your posting activity to a maximum of three postings per day. The list is not a "chat room". If you wish to exchange witty oneliners use personal email or the chat capabilities available at the group's website.
  • All postings must be on topic and relevant to the discussion of vehicular cyling and its advocacy.
  • Casual remarks and other "noise" postings which do not have direct bearing on the topic of vehicular cycling and its advocacy will be filtered.
  • Prolonged rants, personal attacks, name calling, offensive language, and any other pre third-grade level communications will be filtered and the member's subscription terminated.
Vehicular Cyclists believe that bicycle operators can and must be accommodated
The Chainguard list is the only national forum dedicated exclusively to promoting and protecting that belief.
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