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Wheeler's Hanak takes Tour de France Yellow Shorts
PARIS FRANCE— Riding in his first Tour de France, Art "Cannonball" Hanak of the American team CC Wheelers of Cedar City, Kansas [see earlier story], has taken the Tour's "Yellow Shorts" award given to the rider attaining the maximum speed of any rider during the Tour's exciting mountain descents. Enthusiastically waving and shouting to fans lining the road that he was using a technique based on melted brake pads, the 227 pound (103kg) Hanak was clocked at 86.4 mi/hr (139km/hr) as he screamed past the timing station above the Mère d'un Dieu (Mother of God!) hairpin turn on the descent from the 5308 foot (1618m) summit of Col de la Colombière on Thursday's 17th (17th) stage. Hanak leaves a wife and Cannondale T800.