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Transportation agents seize alleged vehicular cyclist's computer
SAN DIEGO CA— Following a tip from the National Center for Bicycling and Walking [see earlier story], Federal Bicycle-Pedestrian Transportation Enforcement (BPTE) agents today seized the computer and other "very significant evidence" belonging to suspected vehicular cyclist Darryl Quinlan of San Diego. At a noon press conference, BPTE's James Whittier said that the pre dawn storming of Quinlan's Glendale Avenue apartment produced incriminating books and maps along with dozens of computerized photographs showing adult men and women, as well as children as young as 10 or 11 years old, engaged in acts of riding bicycles in non-designated areas. "We now have reason to believe that Quinlan was involved with a group of these deviants who communicate using Internet mail lists and Web sites," said Whittier, adding that more arrests are likely to follow in what has now become an expanded investigation. Whittier concluded the press conference with a warning to others who threaten the norms of American transportation behavior, "BPTE will not rest until we get these people off our streets."