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CIA says terrorists may hit US Rails-to-Trails
Government transportation experts say strike would make US bicycling impossible.
WASHINGTON, DC— An anonymous CIA official, whose identity is expected to be leaked shortly, has informed Devil's Bicycle Advocate that recently intercepted communications indicate that radical terrorist cells in the US are planning an assault on the nation's rail-trails, the central component of a 20-year US bicycle transportation program. Encrypted emails have discussed the fact that although the US has spent staggering amounts of transportation funds building these facilities they are now left virtually unprotected. Following the successful crippling attacks on key transportation systems of Spain and London the terrorists now appear to be targeting these multi-billion-dollar projects with the intent of dealing a paralyzing blow to the US transportation system. Further heightening concern is a July incident in which a suspiciously dark-skinned man was spotted on a $234 million section of Silver Springs Maryland rail trail near Washington, DC. Trail user Jan Gibson told reporters that the man was using a video-cam to record trail use and had a suspicious "puzzled" look on his face. An alert speed-walking team cellphoned police. Unfortunately, prior to the arrival of Homeland Security officers, the person-of-suspicion, after being knocked down by a skateboarder and run over by a roller-blader and two baby strollers, had fled the area. A piece of paper thought to have been either handwritten notes in Arabic or a candy bar wrapper was left behind but eaten by two of Gibson's dogs; one of which- an Afghan- was taken in for questioning.