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NCBW to become GCBWP
Officials look forward to PRO BIKE/WALK/BOUNCE 2003 Conference in Montreal
WASHINGTON DC— Stating that the obvious common requirements of yet a third important mode of transportation all but dictated the move, the National Center for Bicycling & Walking (NCBW) announced today that it will become the Global Center for Bicycling, Walking, & Pogosticking. Organized in 1977 as Bicycle Federation of America (BFA), an NCBW spokesperson says that besides finding yet another human activity requiring two feet, for the second time now the organization has had to come to grips with the realties of meeting its primary purpose of providing key executives with salary levels far in excess of market value. "We really missed the boat by not throwing in with the rail-trail bunch when we had the chance," said the spokesperson, "every one of those bastards has a Mercedes."