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Study reveals bicycle exercise enhances plasma IL-6 but does not change IL-1 alpha, IL-1 beta, IL-6, or TNF-alpha pre-mRNA in BMNC
Results confirm need for separate bicycle facilities
RIGSHOSPITALET, DENMARK— A study released by the Copenhagen Muscle Research Center has sent shock waves through the world cycling community with shares of bicycle manufacturer's stocks alternately tumbling and soaring on international stock markets. "I can't believe it," said Manhattan bicycle courier Bone, "This must mean that peripheral blood mononuclear cells are going up and yet there is a simultaneous increase in anti-inflammatory mediators. It's like paradoxical, dude." At the Highway Safety Research Center, Director G. Robert Douglas says that just as in all previous and future bicycle studies the HSRC has been funded to interpret, the results add more support for separating bicycles from real traffic. Says Douglas, "Here at HSRC, every study we have been funded for has verified our sponsor's position. I don't see that changing."