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MS Society sues bicycle club over fundraiser
ST LOUIS MO— The National Multiple Sclerosis Society (MS) which last year raised $38.5 million from bicycle events has obtained a court order blocking the Gateway Arch Shifters bike club of St Louis from hosting their "Cycling Fun and Fund Cycling" ride which had been scheduled for September 29. The event was to have raised funds for a campaign to encourage everyday bicycle use. Papers filed by the MS Society claimed that with precedence dating from the cycling boom of the early seventies, "Thousands of organizations, from volunteer fire departments to international nonprofit mega-corporations have used bicycle events as a significant source of revenue, with as much as 4% often going to the stated purposes. Opening this source of funds to radical organizations advancing anti-societal agendas must not be permitted." At an impromptu meeting in the parking lot of the Shifter's "Rail-Trail Adventure" ride last Sunday, club members responded to the suit by cancelling the Fun and Fund event and removing from office Vehicular-Cycling Director Nancy Pratt-Wilson, adding that they were surprised she had not been run over by now anyway. Members also approved a $25 donation to the Spandex the Children Fund.