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Kentucky appoints State Bicycle-Pedestrian If-It's-Not-Too-Much-Trouble Coordinator
State says bikes might be accommodated some places. Sunday-cyclers wet pants: someplace what they want.
ASHLAND KY—With a number of comments about the problems in having bicycles near vehicles or mixed with traffic, Kentucky transportation officials say planners will consider adjacent land use, local bike plans, transit stops, public input, astrological signs and rectal temperatures to find locations where bicycles might be accommodated, and the committee "bicycle advocates" are thrilled! But this gem is our favorite:
"We are going to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists when it's feasible."
And guess who said it? Yep, the State Bike-Ped Coordinator! Go get 'em, tiger (Or is it wildcat?)
"Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from someplaces... if at all possible." - Abe "New Kentucky" Lincoln