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One less squirrel on the roads: Another bike path transportation success story.
Davy the Squirrel says he will use bike path for commute.
YOUNGSTOWN OH— Davy the Squirrel, a lifetime resident of the Robert J. Brocker Preserve in Youngstown's Mill Creek Park, says that he will probably use the City's new $4.7 million "Youngstown Bike Option" bike path for his daily commute. The facility, paid for by bicycle transportation enhancement funds from Federal TEA-21 and Ohio Department of Transportation programs, will eventually be a complete 12 mile loop from the parking area at Lake Glacier, south along Mill Creek to the Etta Johnson Memorial Flower Garden, returning past the frog pond and petting zoo. "The trail passes within about 50 feet of my tree and gives me a whole new option of getting over to the picnic area," says Davy. The path is open to all Youngstown commuters 10AM-6PM daily except Mondays.