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Wisconsin schools to teach Creationism and Bicycle Path Transportationism
GRANTSBURG, WIS— Challenging both the teaching and progress of evolution, a northwest Wisconsin school district has revised its science offerings and will now require students to take Creationism and Bicycle Path Transportationism. The Grantsburg district school board believed that a state law requiring the teaching of science based on science was too restrictive. Initially the board had planned the more closely-coupled creationist full-year offering of: Creationism and Snake Handling, but were forced by the untimely death of the second semester instructor to revise the curriculum. After a lengthy search for a suitable replacement, the board came across the theory of bicycle transportation systems based on bicycle/pedestrian paths. "At first the choice may seem a little strange," says Superintendent of Schools Joni Burgin, "but for conveying consistent concepts of science it was the perfect replacement." The Grantsburg board of education adopted the new program in a unanimous vote last month. "Both concepts equally satisfied our criteria," added Burgin, "The vote was truly a no-brainer."