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Bicycle Safety Professionals of America releases conference agenda
WASHINGTON DC— Bicycle Safety Professionals of America (BSPA) has released the schedule for "SafeBike Century", the organization's twenty-third annual conference on bicycle safety. The theme for this years conference will be "Setting the Tone for the Next Century of American Bicycle Safety". The conference will take place in Philadelphia PA, September 16-18.
SafeBike Century:
Setting the Tone for the Next Century of American Bicycle Safety

Monday 9/16

  • 8:00 Registration and new member orientation
  • 9:00 Keynote address "The only brain you'll ever get." Nelson W. Hempstead, MD
  • 10:30 The good and bad of helmet standards and testing.
  • 1:30 "State of the States" An overview of the gaps in mandatory helmet legislation.
  • 3:20 Treating Memory-Loss Injury.
    Tuesday 9/17
  • 9:00 "Proper Fit + Proper Angle = Safe Cycling"
  • 10:30 "End Accidents Now: The case for face visors"
  • 12:00 Lunch Presentation: "Pictorial History of Bicycle Helmets" author J. Wilson Kirkpatrick
  • 1:30 "Even Oscar the Grouch Wears a Helmet" A new program from the creators of Sesame Street.
  • 3:20 Preventing another helmet buckle choking epidemic.
  • 7-8:30 PM: Tour Philadelphia Head Trauma Center.
    Wednesday 9/18
  • 9:00 Defusing myths about helmet lice.
  • 10:30 Starting your own free helmet program.
  • 1:30 Treating Memory-Loss Injury
  • 3:00 Funding a comprehensive bicycle safety program.
  • 4:30 "Red means Stop! Green means Go!"[With question and answer period.]
  • 4:45 Conference survey and wrapup.
  • Bicycle Safety Professionals of America is a non-profit foundation whose members include the nation's most highly respected professionals in bicycle and pedestrian planning. For more information about the Safebike Century Conference or BSPA visit the BSPA Website.